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2017 Chrystal Dance Prize Emerging Artists Award

Dance Victoria, home of the Chrystal Dance Prize, has announced its two winners in the 2017 Emerging Artists award category. A panel of three dance professionals selected the winners through an application process.

Dance Victoria has elected to support local dancer Adrian de Leeuw who is pursuing his training at the Alonzo King LINES Ballet School in San Francisco. Eighteen-year-old de Leeuw recently completed his first year as a Bridge student at the Victoria Academy of Ballet. In his application, he said “My goals as a dancer are to continue learning and creating as long as I can.” Dance Victoria has awarded $4,000 towards his tuition.

For a second year, support goes to former Victoria resident Matilda Çobanli who is continuing in her second year of training at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Cobanli says, “Since moving to Europe my understanding of dance has been completely blown open and my mind has been stretched in all kinds of new ways.” Dance Victoria has awarded $2,000 to supportÇobanli’s continued education.

The Chrystal Dance Prize is awarded twice annually over two categories. The Emerging Artist award is a scholarship program that supports western Canadian dance artists continuing their training at an international institution. It’s Independent Artist award supports mid-career artists conducting research or working on a project with an international artist.

The prize was established with a large bequest from Dr. Betty “Chrystal” Kleiman (held at the Victoria Foundation) who wanted Canadian dance artists to be exposed to international influences. Dance Victoria has about $50,000 to award to the two award categories annually. The next competition for the Independent Artists will transpire in the autumn of 2017 with a proposal deadline of Wednesday, November 15. For more information visit