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About Artslandia




Artslandia Vancouver is Metro Vancouver’s annual go-to guide for the performing arts. We partner with music, dance and theatre companies to publish full-season production schedules including ticket prices, performances, dates, times, venues and contact information. Gone are the days of having to collect every season brochure (and missing many along the way). Now, Vancouverites have just one place to find their art.

As an annual publication with a yearlong shelf life, Artslandia exists to create community among Vancouver’s performing arts sector. We believe that there is strength in celebrating a variety of performing art disciplines in one magazine. The magazine exists digitally and in print, and has spurred conversation and dialogue that have gone out beyond the pages of the publication to include podcasts and behind the performance videos. Artslandia is both the print magazine and the living, thriving community of arts, artists and audiences that surround it.

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