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Our Team

Misty New


Misty started her first business at a seasoned age of 4 at the corner of Ohio and Railroad Street in a small town in Indiana. Though she was just pouring lemonade, the customer service she provided catapulted her to CEO within the first 10 minutes of opening. It was on this visible corner in her grandmother’s yard, that she realized a fact that has served her well throughout life: people love lemonade. Her formative years of entereprenuerialship followed with babysitting, yard sales, and paper routes. She graduated from Southern Illinois University, packed her Honda Civic and headed West to graduate school at Portland State University. She interned and worked on several publications in subsequent years in Portland; some large, some small and some pointless. It was here that she began to appreciate niche publishing and marketing. Starting her own business had always been a certainty. And now years later, she has quietly been implementing her plan to take over the world. And she knows just how to do it–hard work and lemonade. Misty Tompoles has been publishing playbills for Portland’s Performing Arts groups since 2001.


Associate Publisher

Katrina enjoys wordsmithing and tinkering with design, all the while making sure the Artslandia crew has their daily fill of indie pop. Aside from her high-kick, Katrina is most known for her ability to streamline and make things happen. If projects were cats, she’d be able to herd them. Katrina credits her love of magazine publishing to her former life as an English major. Back in those days you could find her oohing and aahing over book page layout and copy in the university cafeteria. Mincing, mixing, and rearranging — editing, re-editing, and re-re-editing — she’s got it down to a science. After relocating to Oregon for graduate school and receiving an M.S. in Arts Management, Katrina now finds herself living in and swooning over Vancouver’s arts scene, much like a schoolgirl in love. Someday, she’d like to be an apiarist (i.e. a beekeeper) despite being deathly afraid of being stung.

















Rob Trendiak first picked up a camera to shoot skateboard photos and music videos for his friends in high school and has been documenting life on film ever since. After graduating from the Art Institute of Vancouver with honours, Rob worked as a camera operator at the speed skating oval for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. He has since been a tour photographer for a Lamborghini/Ferrari West Coast USA Tour and shot numerous wedding and portrait sessions. Now armed with his creative, business savvy wife by his side (and a way cooler haircut), Rob is ready to take on any photography project. Here’s a little secret about Rob — even though he is a professional photographer, he also loves Instagram. Follow him at @trendicreative

Advertising Sales Manager

With a BA in Dance, and certificates in both Marketing Communications & PR, Kelsey blends both her passion for the arts with positioning brands to put their best face forward. Kelsey runs her own business, Jorssen Marketing in Vancouver, and works with companies in lifestyle, arts, food and event planning. 


Charlotte Priest is a movement artist, yogi and writer in her 3rd year of the contemporary dance program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. She is currently interested in ritual, site-specific performance, nightmares and the life cycle of the magnolia tree. In her spare time she might be found dancing under a tree, haunting thrift stores or working on her novel. Her work has been published in the Dance Current and online at cowbird.com. She is thrilled to be a part of the Artslandia team!


Rebecca Karpus’ dance background includes three years of a B.F.A. in Dance Performance from Ryerson University, concluding with her final undergraduate year at Capilano University as a Bachelor of Performing Arts. She currently is a M.A. candidate in Comparative Media Arts, specializing in dance history, at SFU. When Rebecca is not exploring the YVR arts scene, she is most likely at home reading a ballet book, considering she is a self-professed dance nerd. She loves white wine, pugs, and the arts.


Emma moved to Vancouver from the East coast over 10 years ago, and has had her head buried in a book of some sort for at least that long. While completing a B.A. in English Literature at UBC, she picked up her pen to write for the Ubyssey, and hasn’t put it down since. Her love of the arts has been fueled by the local theatre scene and she is thrilled to be able to share her enthusiasm with Artslandia Vancouver’s readers.






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