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Artist Scott Sueme: Artslandia Vancouver Cover Artist 2017–18

On selecting Scott Sueme for the 2017-2018 magazine cover, Katrina Ketchum, Associate Publisher of Artslandia stated, “Scott was ultimately chosen for his seemingly effortless blending of geometry, landscape, pattern and the visual world. His use of bold colours, subtle textures, and contrasting shapes encourages viewers to reflect on a sense of ‘quiet’—the simple pleasures that bring us ‘often-overlooked joy.'”

But it’s not only us here at Artslandia that are ecstatic about this collaboration—the artist himself is pretty excited as well. “I was very honoured to be invited to create the cover since it only comes out once a year.” A collaboration that seemed to be a stroke of artistic brilliance in and of itself, Scott has put his all into this work and we cannot be more thrilled to see his captivating piece gracing the magazine’s cover.

Taking on the cover art of an annual magazine, though, is no small task, but Scott has dived in with the grace, style, and sophistication as he does with each piece he creates. Keeping true to himself, his work for Artslandia was yet another means for him to create something brilliant and genuine. “I feel like the design process was very open ended, which resulted in a great product that developed organically.”

A fan of bridging artistic expressions, Scott’s interest in creating the cover art for this upcoming issue truly piqued with the opportunity to collaborate between genres and styles of the artistic process. “I really like how Artslandia brings together and showcases many disciplines in the performing arts community under one publication. I think as a visual artist, it just furthers the idea of cross-pollination and collaboration between genres and creatives.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 10.17.41 AM

Since attending Emily Carr University in 2006, Scott Sueme has been working as a painter and graphic artist in Vancouver, B.C. With beginnings in graffiti subculture, he has since ventured into design, painting, and installation. Sueme has been commissioned to work with collaborators such as the city of Vancouver, the NBA, and Nike. Recently, he has completed large-scale mural projects with the city of Edmonton for the new Abbottsfield Recreation Centre in 2014 and, locally in 2016, with Hootsuite, the city of Vancouver, and the Burrard Arts Foundation.

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