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The Fish Eyes Trilogy — Surrey Civic Theatres @ Main Stage at Surrey Arts Centre
Aug 18 all-day

An audacious trio of interwoven stories about the lives of three young Canadian women—Naz, Candice, and Meena—The Fish Eyes Trilogy is set in a Canadian high school where cultures collide, women struggle for status, and dancing raises the temperature of every moment.

Boys With Cars
The first act fuses classical Indian, Bollywood, and hip-hop music and choreography, telling the story of Naznin, a classically trained dancer who dreams of leaving her small town for the bright lights of the city. It tells her heartbreaking love story with Lucky Punjabi and collision with school power couple Buddy and Candice. A coming of age piece with a tremendous comic flourish and potent dances, Naz’s story is a window into the lives of Canadian South Asian teens.

Let Me Borrow That Top
Anita portrays the character of Candice, Naz’s blonde-haired nemesis. Performed in white-face, in the style of a YouTube makeup tutorial, it is a bold, innovative, and wildly funny take on teenage obsessions that tells the full story of Lucky and Buddy and how their lives ensnare both Naz and Candice in a world of boys with cars.

Fish Eyes
The third and final act focuses on Meena and her own passion for Buddy, the school’s most popular boy. Taking us from a life-changing school assembly in which Meena and Candice dance to Beyonce’s “Survivor” to the all-important end of year grad dance, Fish Eyes brings the trilogy to its powerful and beautiful conclusion.

Written and performed by Anita Majumdar. Produced by Nightswimming.


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