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Behind the Performance

Q & A with Théâtre la Seizième’s Craig Holzschuh on Lapin Blanc, Lapin Rouge

Irish Theatre Magazine described Lapin Blanc, Lapin Rouge as a “theatrical version of Russian Roulette.” Can you address this comparison? Craig Holzschuh: I would say Russian Roulette is a bit riskier than LBLR! I think that the comparison is made because the actor comes in without having read the script or having seen a previous version of the play, so ... Read More »

Q & A with “Monumental” co-artistic directors Noam Gagnon and Dana Gingras

Monumental takes the stage in Vancouver on January 28 as a part of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. The company’s 1993 founders, Noam Gagnon and Dana Gingras, are confident that the collaboration between the eight musicians and nine dancers will create an immense amount of energy, generating a “mental and visceral” experience for both the performers and the audience. Artslandia’s ... Read More »

Vancouver Youth Choir’s Carrie Tennant is optimistic about the future

It’s Christmas choral season at Artslandia, and we reached out to Artistic Director Carrie Tennant to ask a few questions about Vancouver Youth Choir’s Christmas concert, Christmas with the Vancouver Youth Choir. The Vancouver Youth Choir will be sampling a smorgasbord of traditional pieces, new premieres, and even some music intriguingly credited to mega-comedian Stephen Colbert in Christmas with the Vancouver Youth Choir. ... Read More »

Phoenix Chamber Choir’s Graeme Langager teases ‘The Singing Heart’s new-to-Vancouver pieces

  It’s Christmas choral season at Artslandia, and we reached out to Artistic Director Graeme Langager to ask a few questions about Phoenix Chamber Choir’s Christmas concert, The Singing Heart. Phoenix Chamber Choir rounds out our Artslandia Christmas choral offerings with The Singing Heart, their 32nd annual holiday concert—so popular that they’ve just had to add a second show time. This year, they’ll be ... Read More »

Coastal Sound’s Diana Clark touts her favourite “two minutes of awesomeness”: ‘Comfort & Joy’ brings winter-inspired songs with harp

It’s Christmas choral season at Artslandia, and we reached out to Artistic Director Diana Clark to ask a few questions about Coastal Sound Music Academy’s Christmas concert, Comfort & Joy. Rebecca Karpus: What kind of program can the audience expect from Comfort & Joy? Diana Clark: Comfort & Joy brings winter-inspired songs and traditional carols together in a cozy concert that features ... Read More »