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Behind the Performance

Q+A with Artist Melvin Diggs of The 7 Fingers’ Cuisine & Confessions

What has it been like working on and performing in Cuisine & Confessions? Melvin Diggs: I’ve been with the show from the beginning and it’s been an amazing experience! There’s something very special about putting many minds together with one goal to achieve: taking an idea, bringing it to life, and helping others feel the story and emotion you are trying to ... Read More »

A Theatrical Feast: 10 things you should know about Cuisine & Confessions

Cuisine & Confessions showcases their trademark acrobatic and choreographic prowess, but this time, adds sound, smell, touch, and taste to their always-innovative aesthetic mix. Cuisine & Confessions becomes a theatrical feast—literally! A virtuosic mélange of circus, avant-garde dance, personal narrative, theatre, and cooking show comedy,  this work explores stories from our family kitchens—food prepared, memories made – and rituals that underpin our most important relationships. ... Read More »

The Crumpet Holiday Special: The Santaland Diaries

Holiday magic doesn’t make itself, and nobody knows that as keenly as Crumpet the Christmas elf. At Artslandia, we never tire of David Sedaris’ snarky memoir about working as an elf in a department store Christmas Village. This classic holiday show (for mature audiences) will keep you laughing all the way. I love Christmas. There it is, I said it. ... Read More »

Voice-controlled, live experimental music: Q+A with Andrea Young

What do you like most about experimental and new music? Andrea Young: I like most that it is actually an experiment, which is still somewhat rare within the genre! When the music is truly experimental—within the concepts, form and performance—there are always great surprises. Although the process and performance may be quite a bumpy ride, it’s the most exciting aspect ... Read More »

A Risk Worth Taking | Notes by Richard Wolfe — Pi Theatre

When I first read Long Division, Peter Dickinson’s new script, it grabbed me. It felt fresh and innovative. Not only does it have a bold formal structure that’s unlike anything I’d read in the past few years, the play’s content is deeply relevant. It fits the profile of a Pi show—intellectually alive and emotionally charged. Long Division is a multimedia, ... Read More »