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Behind the Performance

Vancouver Opera’s ‘Hansel & Gretel’ enhances the classic with fanciful puppets

Vancouver Opera’s ‘Hansel & Gretel’ enhances the classic with fanciful puppets. Written by A.L. Adams. A deerlike body wears the face of an old man. A bearlike being smiles with a thorny underbite. A primeval-beaked bird rustles a sparse shock of red feathers. The puppets that will star in Vancouver Opera’s Hansel & Gretel provide the first clue that this ... Read More »

Ballet BC’s Fugaz: Fear of death meets love of dance

Ballet BC’s Fugaz: Fear of death meets love of dance. Choreographer-in-residence Cayetano Soto shares his personal vision with Artslandia. Written by Charlotte Priest. The hauntingly beautiful music of Handel beckoned from the studio at the Scotiabank Dance Centre where Ballet BC dancers rehearse. Stepping out during a short 15-minute break, Artslandia caught up with the company’s choreographer-in-residence Cayetano Soto. Gracious ... Read More »

Q+A with Ages of the Moon director John Cooper

Sam Shepard’s plays are distinctly of the West, rooted in dreams and longings we all recognize—for family, home, and self-understanding—but moving to their own rhythm. Shepard captures what it feels like to be human: The good, bad, ugly and profoundly beautiful. We chatted with Director John Cooper about his direction of Shepard’s moving and meditative play, Ages of the Moon. What drew ... Read More »

Straight Jacket Winter: A moving account of that newcomer feeling

Théâtre la Seizième A.D. Esther Duquette explains the intricacies of her awarded play, and how her own move from Montreal to Vancouver inspired it. Moving to a new city is hard! Many of us have been there. Even when you’re able to situate yourself in a home and a job, you can still be nagged by a feeling of social ... Read More »

Drew Facey sets the stage for ‘Angels’

Seasoned set designer Drew Facey describes his vision for Studio 58’s production of Angels in America. An angel hovers in the heavens, a wife descends into madness, a politician frets and fumes in his office, and two lovers meet for a furtive hookup in a public park. These iconic scenes from Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches can be quite ... Read More »