Tuesday, January 16
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Opening Night Fever: Leslie Gray, Soprano

How does your day start on opening night? Leslie Gray: I usually wake up to the sound of my two-year-old singing at the top of his lungs. Mornings are pretty busy around our house. I commute to Surrey for work so mornings involve helping my husband get two boys up, dressed and fed and ready for school and daycare before I head off ... Read More »

Opening Night Fever: Amber Funk Barton, Dancer

How does your day start on opening night? Amber Funk Barton: It’s imperative that I get a solid eight hours of sleep. I usually get up with my husband, drink coffee, watch the news, see him off to work, and then hunker down to tackle emails. What about pre-show jitters? Do you still get them? AFB: The last five minutes before I go onstage ... Read More »

Opening Night Fever: Marcus Goddard, Trumpet

How does your day start on opening night? Marcus Goddard: I usually wake up at 7:00 a.m., meditate a bit, and warm-up for 15 minutes by playing long tones. What about pre-show jitters? Do you still get them? MG: Pre-show jitters? Oh yes…with every concert. But I’ve learned you have to get in the right mental zone. For me, it’s ... Read More »

The Art of a Cover

Artslandia Cover Artist, M.A. Tateishi, explains her spontaneous, layered process of painting. By A.L. Adams. Photos by Rob Trendiak. M.A. Tateishi freely admits her exuberant painting style flies in the face of her art professors’ recommendations at Emily Carr. “They actually discouraged us from using a lot of colour,” she laughs. But by the time she started—in her 40s—Tateishi’s sensibilities were already fully ... Read More »

Origin Stories: Full Circle First Nations Performance

Full Circle: First Nations Performance isn’t just the name of Margo Kane’s company. Full Circle describes the journey her life and work have traced for her in Vancouver. Trained as a dancer, actor, and singer (“I didn’t want to go to university!” she exclaims with her characteristic big laugh), the Cree/Saulteaux performer from Edmonton arrived here in 1983 on tour with George Ryga’s The Ecstasy of Rita ... Read More »