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Origin Stories: Firehall Arts Centre

Donna Spencer sits comfortably amid the clutter and history, the costumes, props, and archives of the Firehall Arts Centre boardroom. In a city infamous for ignoring its heritage, here’s a building constructed in 1906 as Vancouver’s first fire station, turned into a theatre in 1982. Spencer was there at its rebirth, the Firehall’s first (and only) artistic producer. Along with the Firehall’s regular programs of theatre and dance, Spencer ... Read More »

Origin Stories: PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Norman Armour practically vibrates with excitement as he shows off the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival’s new digs—8,500 square feet of offices and rehearsal halls shared with Touchstone Theatre, Music on Main, and the DOXA Film Festival at 750 Hamilton Street. “The arts have been shoved out of downtown because of the cost of real estate,” he says. “Now the Queen E and Playhouse are our neighbourhood theatres. We call ... Read More »

Origin Stories: Music on Main

  When is attending a classical music concert like going to a new friend’s dinner party? When you go to a gig produced by Music on Main hosted by David Pay. Usually wearing one of his famous polyester shirts, the enthusiastic founder and artistic director of the eclectic concert series personally greets his guests, helps them get a drink and find their seat, and makes everyone feel at ... Read More »

Origin Stories: Coastal City Ballet & Pacific DanceArts

When the Chinese government told Li Yaming he was going to Canada in 1986, he packed his thick down jacket. A graduate of the Beijing Dance Academy and dancer with the Central Ballet of China, Yaming didn’t know anything about this country. He arrived in Vancouver (didn’t need that jacket) as a guest artist with the Goh Ballet, where local girl Andrea Allen was a member of the ... Read More »

Origin Stories: Bard on the Beach

_ Talk about roads not taken. Here’s the elegant Christopher Gaze, a classically trained actor hailing from what he calls London’s “stockbroker belt,” presiding over Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival for 26 years with his gentlemanly manners and ripe English accent, bringing over 100,000 people (he says with amazement) to see Shakespeare in Vancouver last summer alone. Sporting honorary ... Read More »