Tuesday, January 16
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Origin Stories: Studio 58

Jerry Wasserman interviewed his long-time friend Antony Holland for this profile in April, and wrote it shortly before Antony passed away on July 29, 2015 at age 95. Antony Holland is a phenomenon. But at 95, even he admits he’s slowing down a little. Mobility problems have forced him to modify the staging of his newly created solo show, Antony ... Read More »

Origin Stories: Vancouver Recital Society

Leila Getz arrived in Vancouver from her native South Africa in 1966 and founded the Vancouver Recital Society in 1980. What was she doing in the years between? She flashes her Cheshire Cat smile: “It took me that long to learn how to clean a house and cook!” But the self-described “bored housewife” remembered how her aunt had established a ... Read More »