Saturday, February 24
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Map of the Land, Map of the Stars helps us go forward

Gwaandak Theatre’s Map of the Land, Map of the Stars helps us go forward Written by Co-Director Yvette Nolan. The work of Map of the Land, Map of the Stars is very much like the work we as Canadian and First Nation inhabitants must do in order to go forward into the next 150 years. In the beginning, we sat together, ... Read More »

Chor Leoni announces Canadian Choral Composition Competition (C/4) judges

The following is a statement from Chor Leoni Men’s Choir: There is something incredibly exciting about breathing life into a never-sung-before score. There’s a sense that we are finding, developing, and celebrating Canadian composing talent as we create brand new works of art together. At this point it’s impossible to choose a personal favourite, and we’re so glad we’re not in charge of determining the final rankings. That task falls to our ... Read More »

Playwright’s Notes: Amaranta Leyva on her whimsical and enchanting puppet show, “Sleeping Beauty Dreams”

Award-winning playwright Amaranta Leyva shares with us the genesis of her whimsical and enchanting puppet show, Sleeping Beauty Dreams. For me, as a writer, Sleeping Beauty Dreams is the exorcism of my fears as a new mom. One morning, after my daughter was born, I found myself full of fears. What was I to do with all of these fears ... Read More »

Inside/Out: Patrick Keating’s riveting prison memoir is set for the PuSh Festival

Patrick Keating would like to tell you his story much like any friend would over coffee—relaxed, kicked back, and utterly honest. No stranger to Canada’s justice system, Patrick’s story of challenges, compassion, growth, and judgment is brought to life on stage, through his upcoming performance, Inside/Out, at the Push Festival here, in Vancouver. A sincere account of incarceration, justice, community, ... Read More »

An explosion of colour, culture and controversy: Q+A with Hot Brown Honey’s Queen Bee, Busty Beatz

Busty Beatz, the Queen Bee, chats with us about the tour de force, Hot Brown Honey. “Hot Brown Honey turns up the heat, delivering lashings of sass and a hot pinch of empowerment in the smash-hit that took the Edinburgh Fringe by storm.” For those who are perhaps unfamiliar with Hot Brown Honey, can you share a bit about the show? ... Read More »