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Q & A with DanceHouse’s Jim Smith

Artslandia Rebecca chats with DanceHouse producer Jim Smith about Hofesh Shechter’s ‘barbarians’. RK: What makes Hofesh Shechter’s ‘barbarians’ a great opener for DanceHouse’s 2015/16 season? JS: DanceHouse first hosted the Hofesh Shechter Company in 2009 with their presentation of Uprising and In your rooms. The company had such a big impact in town in that both performances were sold out, and ... Read More »

Artslandia Q & A: Seven Questions for Gravity & Other Myths’ acrobat, Jascha Boyce

Artslandia’s Rebecca Karpus asks acrobat artist and Gravity & Other Myths‘ Jascha Boyce seven questions about A Simple Space. RK: Can you tell me a little bit about A Simple Space? JB: The initial idea was to create a show that demonstrates to the audience what we as acrobats go through behind-the-scenes. The audience is brought in close together, backstage. It is here where we push ourselves to the ... Read More »

Artslandia Q & A: Six Questions for Vancouver Opera’s Creative Team (on Rigoletto)

Artslandia’s Emma Warford asked VO’s Director of Artistic Planning, Tom Wright, and Director Nancy Hermiston six questions about Vancouver Opera’s staging of Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto. EW: Can you describe the process that goes into selecting a performance for an upcoming season? What makes Rigoletto a great season opener? TW: Good question! It is a complicated process selecting a season. It requires a balance of ... Read More »

Artslandia Q & A: Six questions for The Dance Centre’s Executive Director, Mirna Zagar

The popular noon series, Discover Dance!, offers informative and inspiring shows by BC-based dance companies and combines performance, question-and-answer sessions with the artists, and sometimes even audience participation. Artslandia’s Rebecca Karpus asks The Dance Centre’s ED Mirna Zagar six questions about the series. RK: How did Discover Dance! come to be? Can you share some of its history? MZ: Discover Dance! began in 2002, ... Read More »

Artslandia Q & A: Seven Questions for Ethos Collective

  On May 24th, the ETHOS COLLECTIVE will take the stage for a thrilling concert that is sure to make you feel ear-to-ear happy. The following is our Artslandia interview with Ethos Collective members Samantha Fu (SF), Timothy Van Cleave (TVC), Kathryn Lee (KL), and Katie Rife (KR). What makes you excited about this music? SF: It is unexpected and surprising. ... Read More »