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Q+A with Mantra Percussion’s Al Cerulo

Mantra Percussion returns to Vancouver from NY to place for Vancouver New Music audiences at The Annex. We chatted with Mantra Percussion’s Executive Director and co-founder, Al Cerulo, to learn about Mantra’s return to YVR, inspirations, commissions and fascinating new work. Can you tell us a bit about the structure of a Mantra Percussion performance? Al Cerulo: Mantra’s mission statement is to present ... Read More »

Q+A with Bittergirl: The Musical’s Director & Choreographer Valerie Easton

What draws you towards directing light-hearted musicals, and specifically, Bittergirl: The Musical?  Valerie Easton (director,choreographer): I am attracted to all different kinds of musicals, but I particularly like the cleverness of this script. It has within it some universal thoughts that a variety people seem to share. I also like the fact that the material is treated the way that it’s written. ... Read More »

Q+A with Pražák Quartet’s violist Josef Kluson

The Pražák Quartet provided the core of the concert series that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Friends of Chamber Music in 1998. And now, bringing the best of the burnished string sound of the Bohemian tradition, we asked Pražák Quartet violist Josef Kluson a few questions about inspiration, critique, the shaping of the ensemble, and the anticipation of playing ... Read More »

Opening Night Fever: Romeo & Juliet with a twist

This Valentine’s Edition of Small Stage is the classic Romeo & Juliet story with a genre-blending, gender-bending, time-transcending twist. We asked each of the dancers to tell us about their typical day of opening night and about their work. To start, can you tell us about your piece in just three words? Then feel free to add a few more. Joshua Beamish: ... Read More »

Q+A with Artist Melvin Diggs of The 7 Fingers’ Cuisine & Confessions

What has it been like working on and performing in Cuisine & Confessions? Melvin Diggs: I’ve been with the show from the beginning and it’s been an amazing experience! There’s something very special about putting many minds together with one goal to achieve: taking an idea, bringing it to life, and helping others feel the story and emotion you are trying to ... Read More »