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Opening Night Fever: Shannon Chan-Kent, Soprano

How does your day start on opening night? Shannon Chan-Kent: I’m an early riser and typically wake up anywhere between 5:45 and 7:30 a.m. As soon as I’m up, I make myself some roasted dandelion tea and drink about a litre of water. And then, I make myself a coffee. What about pre-show jitters? Do you still get them? SCK: ... Read More »

A Theatrical Feast: 10 things you should know about Cuisine & Confessions

Cuisine & Confessions showcases their trademark acrobatic and choreographic prowess, but this time, adds sound, smell, touch, and taste to their always-innovative aesthetic mix. Cuisine & Confessions becomes a theatrical feast—literally! A virtuosic mélange of circus, avant-garde dance, personal narrative, theatre, and cooking show comedy,  this work explores stories from our family kitchens—food prepared, memories made – and rituals that underpin our most important relationships. ... Read More »

Opening Night Fever: Leslie Gray, Soprano

How does your day start on opening night? Leslie Gray: I usually wake up to the sound of my two-year-old singing at the top of his lungs. Mornings are pretty busy around our house. I commute to Surrey for work so mornings involve helping my husband get two boys up, dressed and fed and ready for school and daycare before I head off ... Read More »

Opening Night Fever: David Adams, Actor

How does your day start on opening night? David Adams: As I’ve aged and racked up a ton of opening nights, I find I need to keep an even keel. I try to stay relaxed and do things that I need to do for myself, not what I feel others expect of me. What about pre-show jitters? Do you still get them? DA: There’s ... Read More »

Voice-controlled, live experimental music: Q+A with Andrea Young

What do you like most about experimental and new music? Andrea Young: I like most that it is actually an experiment, which is still somewhat rare within the genre! When the music is truly experimental—within the concepts, form and performance—there are always great surprises. Although the process and performance may be quite a bumpy ride, it’s the most exciting aspect ... Read More »