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Expand your sound palette with VICO’s Global Soundscapes Festival

  Close your eyes and let the sweet sound of violin and cello play in your head. Now, add the sounds of dizi, a Chinese bamboo flute, and danbau, a Vietnamese zither. On top of this combination, add tombak, a Persian goblet drum, and oud, an Arabic lute. Was that a challenge to imagine? “You might think that putting all ... Read More »

Origin Stories: Firehall Arts Centre

Donna Spencer sits comfortably amid the clutter and history, the costumes, props, and archives of the Firehall Arts Centre boardroom. In a city infamous for ignoring its heritage, here’s a building constructed in 1906 as Vancouver’s first fire station, turned into a theatre in 1982. Spencer was there at its rebirth, the Firehall’s first (and only) artistic producer. Along with the Firehall’s regular programs of theatre and dance, Spencer ... Read More »

Risky, get-up-and-go theatre theory is showcased in Lapin Blanc, Lapin Rouge

It’s safe to say that the old adage “practice makes perfect” is embodied by performers in the theatrical artistic process. Well, Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour poses a different theory, asking, “Who says that we need rehearsals? An actor can just get up and start.” Soleimanpour’s risky, get-up-and-go theatre theory is showcased in Lapin Blanc, Lapin Rouge (White Rabbit, Red Rabbit), performed January ... Read More »

Letter from Artslandia Ambassador Erick Lichte

“Vancouver is a place where so many cultures share so much culture. The amazing people here feed the arts, and these great people are, in turn, fed by our city’s vast array of thought-provoking and stirring, artistic offerings.” Vancouver is an old place and a new city. The arts scene here reflects newness, with adventurous projects in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film, and literary endeavours offered up for our enjoyment and our enlightenment. Our ... Read More »

Pianist Roman Rabinovich’s Canadian debut

Pianist Roman Rabinovich’s Canadian debut by Emma Warford and A.L. Adams You never get a second chance to catch a world-class talent’s Canadian debut—so don’t miss pianist Roman Rabinovich next week (Jan 17) with the Vancouver Recital Society. It’s surprising to note that Rabinovich hasn’t played in Canada before; after all, he’s been performing concerts since age 10, when he appeared ... Read More »