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Email Confidentiality Warning and Disclaimer

Email Confidentiality Warning and Disclaimer

The following message is incorporated by reference into each electronic message sent by any employee, contractor, subcontractor, shareholder, franchisee, or any other party at Rampant Creative and Artslandia Publishing (hereinafter referred to as Artslandia):

This message and any attachments are solely for the intended recipient and contain confidential or privileged information.   If you are not the intended recipient, please respect the privacy of the person who was supposed to receive it. Any disclosure, copying, use, or distribution of the information included in this message and any attachments is prohibited.

If you received this communication in error, please notify us by reply e-mail immediately and permanently delete this message and any attachments.

Please note that email is not secure unless the message is encrypted.

The content and any attachments are the copyright of Artslandia, to which we assert our moral rights.

Please note that emails can involve SUBSTANTIAL RISKS, e.g. lack of confidentiality, potential manipulation of contents and/or sender’s address, incorrect recipient (misdirection), viruses etc.

Artslandia assumes no responsibility for any loss, disruption, or damage resulting from the use or transmission of emails.

Artslandia recommends in particular that you do NOT SEND ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION, that you do not include details of the previous message in any reply, and that you enter e-mail address(es) manually every time you write an e-mail.

Any content that’s not concerned with Artslandia business reflects the views of the sender only, not those of Artslandia.

Artslandia accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. Artslandia recommends that you consult with professionals that can help you to understand and assess the risks associated with any items mentioned in this email. Thank you!