Monday, January 15
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A Letter from Artslandia Ambassador—Emily Molnar

Dear Friends,

I hope all is finding you well.

Another year’s coming to a close and what a year it has been! It’s in moments like these that I find myself wanting to take a brief look back and contemplate on what has taken place and where I am going; checking in with myself and reflecting on how that connects to the larger picture. I don’t know if you agree, but from my seat it has been a busy year full of much change, transition, miracles, fires, extraordinary moments, and intense learning.

Over the past few months at Ballet BC, the dancers and I have been talking a lot about the difference between being and doing, about listening and seeing, about taking the time when we don’t feel we have it, to give over to the moment and trust. What if there was no right or wrong, better or worse? What if we were focused on the being—turning off the phones, the emails, the everyday grind—and remembering that inside of the work, we are always at choice to be participating with a greater sense of purpose? Perhaps then the day-to-day would begin to take on a sublime sensation of calm and ease. What if everything is possibility, an opportunity to learn and discover? I look forward to the year ahead, not for it to be different, but for my own chance to keep learning through my work and being able to engage in a deeper conversation with my practice as an artist, human being, citizen and contributor to this beautiful world.

I’m reminded daily of the tremendous talent, creativity, and progressive mindedness of our radiant arts community. Thank you to each of you that so daringly and openly venture through the art-making to create and support our vibrant cultural landscape. Your vision, hard work, and dedication are the foundation. Congratulations on a brilliant 2016! During the holiday season, I hope you will find time to celebrate the year passing and reboot the creative juices.

In 2017, I wonder what one new action each of us could offer to our arts community to help support and strengthen it? Maybe it’s sharing a resource, encouraging an emerging artist, giving free space, or offering our services for a day?

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and a thriving, playful, adventured filled 2017!