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DanceHouse Producer Jim Smith sheds light on Hervé Koubi’s ‘What the day owes to the night’

Upon his father’s deathbed, choreographer Hervé Koubi learned late in his 25th year that his family’s origins were not from France but Algeria. This dramatic revelation opened the door to Africa for him in a poetic quest of rediscovery and search for his family’s roots. As part of this journey, Koubi auditioned dancers to create a work that would reveal ... Read More »

Q & A with DanceHouse’s Jim Smith

Artslandia Rebecca chats with DanceHouse producer Jim Smith about Hofesh Shechter’s ‘barbarians’. RK: What makes Hofesh Shechter’s ‘barbarians’ a great opener for DanceHouse’s 2015/16 season? JS: DanceHouse first hosted the Hofesh Shechter Company in 2009 with their presentation of Uprising and In your rooms. The company had such a big impact in town in that both performances were sold out, and ... Read More »