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The Revolutionary — Carmen Aguirre

“I had to create my own work.” As a child in Chile, Carmen Aguirre watched her socialist mother perform agitprop (agitational propaganda) theatre about land reform for the indigenous Mapuche people. Though Canada had accepted her family as political refugees, she returned with her mother to South America to join the Chilean resistance against Pinochet. Therein lies the topic of ... Read More »

The Philanthropists — Bonnie Mah & Anndraya Luui

THE PHILANTHROPISTS: BONNIE MAH & ANNDRAYA LUUI “It’s like tree planting.” In her first year at UBC, needing an elective, North Vancouver’s Bonnie Mah took an introductory theatre course from legendary Professor Peter Loeffler (“a very gentle soul and a true intellectual”), completing her major project on the opening of Gateway Theatre with aplomb. “But what really got me hooked ... Read More »

The Visionary — Paul Larocque

THE VISIONARY: PAUL LAROCQUE “I really love being part of the greater sound.” Paul Larocque’s enthusiasm for arts education is infectious, with Arts Umbrella, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and Chor Leoni’s MyVoice program among the benefactors of his endless drive. “I’m very passionate about providing profound life experiences for children through high-quality arts education, so they can learn to live ... Read More »