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Q+A with Mantra Percussion’s Al Cerulo

Mantra Percussion returns to Vancouver from NY to place for Vancouver New Music audiences at The Annex. We chatted with Mantra Percussion’s Executive Director and co-founder, Al Cerulo, to learn about Mantra’s return to YVR, inspirations, commissions and fascinating new work. Can you tell us a bit about the structure of a Mantra Percussion performance? Al Cerulo: Mantra’s mission statement is to present ... Read More »

Voice-controlled, live experimental music: Q+A with Andrea Young

What do you like most about experimental and new music? Andrea Young: I like most that it is actually an experiment, which is still somewhat rare within the genre! When the music is truly experimental—within the concepts, form and performance—there are always great surprises. Although the process and performance may be quite a bumpy ride, it’s the most exciting aspect ... Read More »

VNM’s Nomadic Streams Festival Expands Music’s Parameters

The crackle of leaves meets the crackle of static. The whoosh of waves follows the swell of cymbals. Ambient music emerges at that point of perception between foreground and background, between manmade music and naturally-occurring sound. Nomadic Streams, a three-day festival of ambient music presented for the 19th year running by Vancouver New Music, celebrates and explores that mutable intersection ... Read More »